Chakra root

It is a very important energy center, to connect you to the Earth, Gaia.

The root chakra allows you to anchor yourself internally but also to bring vitalenergy,

going through your legs and returning to earth the negative energies

It's a chakra not to be overlooked. The foundation of emotional stability and your protection.

blocked root chakra

Every spiritual jewel I created helps you through lithotherapy with the virtues of stones as well as totem animals.

Stone root chakra

In trouble with the root chakra it is mostly an anchor stone

which will be used.

Root chakra meditation

In addition to shamanic jewelry meditation will be of good help

to balance the root chakra.

In meditation visualize it, look at its appearance as well as your feelings,

concentration of energy and breathing.

Unleash negative energy and inhale positive energy

to harmonize and balance your chakra.

Ethnic jewelry and Native American objects for anchoring: root chakra

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