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Totem Animals their origins and how to find your totem animal

Posted on01/01/2022 by

The origin of Totem Animals

Totem animals trace their origins as far back as life in the physical dimension on Earth Gaia.

The human being draws its origins from nature, we are a continuity of nature.

Guide animal totem

The Lakota use the term Mitakuyé Oyasin which means we are all one, related, linked.

There was even a time when human beings not separated from nature lived in harmony with nature.

Thus the Amerindians had deeply anchored in their way of life, respect and harmony with plants, trees, animals etc...

The Totem animal: guardian and spiritual guide

Les animaux totems

You must have already noticed the perfection and harmony of nature, everything is in balance, it is the manifestation of the Great Spirit (God in other words) of his Spirit (energy) in the physical dimension.

This is why we say that nature is sacred, in many shamanic, aboriginal and indigenous spiritualities.

Thus the animal totems, close to the Great Spirit and our true nature, help us in our experience of earthly life to guide us on the path that brings us back to the source.

What are totem animals?

Trouver son animal totem

There are indeed many, as many as there are animals on Earth Gaia,

Then you can meet animals that do not exist or no longer exist in the physical dimension, such as mystical animals: dragon, phoenix etc....

So all this is not limited to a few animals as you can see on certain sites, but to a really wide range of Animal Totem.

How many animal totems do we have?

I don't have a clear-cut answer to this question, based on my experience and the experience of others: we have several.

Arnaud Rioux for example says that we only have one and that the others are medicine animals that accompany us.

So the answer is not obvious, I have met several and I feel them as part of “my” being, but in a sense all this is not really important because in truth we are just one, then no need to put separations :)

How to know your totem animal?

Comment connaitre son animal totem

This is a question that many of you are asking yourself, here are some ideas.

First of all, you can look at your affinities with certain animals.

But also some traits of your “character” may be similar to that of an animal species.

In addition, if you have not already done so, you will have to reconnect with nature, each step you take towards it, it takes two towards you, it is very important to fluidify the link within you, towards your totem animal.

How to find your totem animal?

Comment trouver son animal totem

The totem animal can appear directly in the physical world but also in your dreams.

Be attentive and observant, don't think and above all let it happen.

Spend time in nature and protect it.

Try to find your place in the cycle of nature and life.

You can enlist the help of someone to guide you to him or try a special meditation.

Meditation and shamanic journey to find your totem animal

I couldn't let you read this entire article and leave you empty-handed, so I'm offering you a short video to try to meet your totem animal.

Do not hesitate to share your experience in comments on the result of your inner journey, towards your true nature.

Thank you for reading, have a good trip and enjoy discovering your true nature.

Mitakuyé Oyasin

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