Mala 108 shamanic beads with feathers and whale tail "Blue Cascade"

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Mala shamanic 108 pearls, whale totem feathers

Length: 80 cm

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Shamanic Mala with white jade fox

General features:

This model is a unique creation, made with a whale tail in lapis lazuli surrounded by silver, rooster feathers, jay, parrot and parakeet, sari fabric and 108 shell beads, lapis lazuli,turquoise (stabilized), onyx, apatite, abalone cyanite and separated beads in faceted apatite.

Length: 80 cm

The Mala represents the symbol of our devotion on the path of Awakening, of enlightenment.

He is our companion in prayer and our mantra recitations.

Our Malas are at the crossroads of different spirituality.

There was a time when all spirituality was shamanic, it is this essence that we tried to transcribe in these Malas.

It represents the path to Awakening, the refuge in the Master, the Guardian Spirit, the Soul according to the form given to him and the Buddhas.

Vertus lapis lazuli

It is a stone that brings a boost of confidence for the wearer and she encourages him to take control of his life. Lapis lazuli frees and offers a certain ease in communicating emotions and feelings. Oral communication is therefore favoured by it. Lapis lazuli also brings fullness and inner peace, so stress is very quickly removed.

Among its properties and virtues, it can above all be given the contribution of honesty, compassion and righteousness. Lapis lazuli stone in lithotherapy would also provide relief for migraines and headaches. Insomnia and dizziness would be alleviated. It would facilitate breathing and bring benefits to the throat and nervous system.

Totem whale

In their DNA, the carriers of Whale medicine have a special genetic code that allows them to understand and decode certain frequencies of hidden knowledge, recorded by the Whale.

These are usually clairaudient and have the ability to hear all frequencies inaudible to others. Their psychic and telepathic abilities are also very developed. On the other hand, bearers of the Whale's totem spirit are rarely aware of their exceptional gifts. To become aware of their gifts, they must learn to use recorded memories.

In addition, many bearers of Whale medicine can come into contact with the universal consciousness of the Great Spirit, without knowing why or how... they know that and that's it. It is only in the process of time that these people have confirmations and then begin to understand their mission and understand its meaning.

Whale Medicine teaches us to use the sounds and frequencies that balance our emotional body in order to heal our physical body.

If the Whale guides you, it asks you to come into contact with the universal consciousness by beating the drum beats to the rhythm of the universal heart and allows all hearts to beat in unison. For you are a harmonizer, healer and unifier by the gift of having access to the memories recorded by the Whale.

The Whale announces that it is time to go in search of our origins and grasp the whole of our destiny as programmed in our DNA code and find the sound that will release this data by allowing those who understand this original language (the beats of the drum) to sing and share this message. If we can do that, we will never be the same again. By expressing our voice, we draw from the depths of our memory, we thus express our uniqueness and our personalness, by opening ourselves to our uniqueness we allow our other totems, which form our wheel of medicine, to express themselves through us in order to be able to transmit to others, which will provide the key to further explore the history of our soul and commune with the Whale , which brings our history to all.


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