copy of Eventail feathers with fumigation natural feathers color of the 4 directions "Medicine man"

Eventail feathers with fumigation natural feathers natural feathers winds from 4 directions

Length: 40 cm

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Eventail feathers with fumigation feathers color of the 4 directions and apophyllite

General features:

It is a unique creation made with willow wood, sari fabric, suede, an apopphyllite, an onyx, a Native American charm, stained goose bells and feathers, raven, pheasant and parrot.

Length: 40 cm

This range will allow you to channel the wind energies of the 4 directions to invoke all medicines

The range of feathers is used to direct smoke towards oneself or to other people, but also to spread it on medical objects. Native Americans often use eagle feathers and other sacred birds, but the feathers of any local bird may be suitable. These are attached to a wooden handle, covered with leather or soft fabric, decorated with pearls and decorated with symbols specific to the shaman.

Fumigation can purify a place or people with smoke from sacred herbs. The herbs used for this are sage, cedar, and sweetgrass (scented hierocloé). These herbs can be placed in a container (such as a shallow bowl or an open shell) where they can burn without creating damage, or even tied in a packet of al-shaped stick that can be held and lit. The smoke from the herbs is then oriented through the range of feathers towards the (or people), or the object to be purified. Sage smoke drives away negative energies, and cedar attracts positive energies. sweetgrass brings a sacred influence.

The person who is fumigated draws the smoke towards her, as if she were picking it up with her hands, first to the heart, then to the top of the head, and finally to the feet.

Apophyllite Vertus

This stone will help you to illuminate your life, and will support you in your efforts to remove the pollution of your existence, physical and psychological. It would help combat addictions to alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and various addictions. These self-destruct mechanisms will be a distant memory, and will give way to the energy of light in your life, which will elevate your vibrational level and cleanse your body at all levels. In general, it will free you from all previous pollution. Your stress and past troubles will be a bad memory thanks to this purification stone. Its vibrational frequency and light will allow you to live the things of life to the fullest, and to forget past automatisms, like an awareness. It is also recommended to use this stone to make the grid of your home, it will bring well-being and joy to its inhabitants,and thus spread its many virtues. It is advisable to place it high in a house, to benefit from all its spiritual virtues.

In general, the Apophyllite stone will help you raise your soul to the spiritual, renounce negative energy, and thus take care of yourself by connecting with the afterlife. This stone is also recommended for people suffering from sadness, and lacking vitality. It will help you undo any blockage of the crown chakra, being the highest level of consciousness, which hosts the vibration of the other 6 centers. It is the center corresponding to wisdom, self-knowledge, the consciousness of the soul. So when you get rid of the negative energy of your crown chakra, light and love will be able to enter. The Apophyllite will bring you joy and dynamism,to allow you to be productive and to make all your projects grow. Your experiences will be even more interesting, and your new spontaneity will guide you in all your adventures.

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