Animal medicine totem pouch

Leather medicine pouch with totem animals

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Animal Totem
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Example Totem medicine pouch of the owl, feathers and moonstone

General features:

It is a unique creation made with leather (vegetable tanning), paint, suede, beads of quartz angel, shell, feathers of owl, rooster and spurner, an owl charm and a real moonstone.

Size: 10 x 7 cm

(Possibility to add a cord to put it around the neck, or a musket to hang it, contact me)

Indians in North America have been using medicinal pouches for centuries. Shamans and spiritual healers carefully choose the objects that will be included in the pouches from the gifts that the Earth offers us; plants, minerals, animals. They all have special qualities that can help us chart our course and face the trials of life. By adding a special personal item to your pouch, it will become both a guide and a lucky one.

Keep it with you at all times and listen to its message.

After adding a personal item to your pouch, the next step is to give it its power. Place the contents in your hand, close your eyes and thank the Earth for all the goods it provides you in order to live well and thrive. Focus for a few minutes on what you want in your life and ask your medicine pouch to help you achieve these goals.

Owl/owl totem:

Symbolically, owl medicine is associated with clair-voyance, astral projection and magic, both white and black. In many of the medical wheels used by native masters, the Owl is nicknamed the eagle of the night. Traditionally, it sits in the East, the place of enlightenment. Since time immemorial, humanity has feared the night, the darkness, the invisible, and waited in fear for the Dawn to appear. Conversely, the Owl likes the night.
At night, it hunts its prey Not only can this raptor see in the dark, but it can also accurately locate and recognize exactly the source of all its. What an advantage when it comes to hunting at night for food! Some Aboriginal people fear the Owl, which they say "feathers are misleading." Indeed, it flies silently. You can't hear it coming, but its prey feels violently its descent because its beak and talons slice like a razor.

If it is your personal medicine, no one can mislead you about what he's doing, even if he's trying to hide his intentions. You may inspire fear because many people have ulterior motives that you can easily detect You may not recognize the full power of your medicine; you take for granted your brilliant intuitive inputs. Yet others value it. You frighten them by reflecting their blindness which you are not fooled. Owl medicine enthusiasts often know more about a person's intimate life than they know about themselves.
Take a penetrating look at life, silently observe a situation you're facing. The Owl approaches friendly to help you grasp the whole truth. He may well wait until night to bring you messages during dreams or meditations. Pay attention to signals and omens. The truth always sheds light.

Moonstone Vertus

Strengthens romantic bonds, makes romantic or friendly relationships deeper. Helps build new relationships. Brings sensitivity and emotion to areas that are too unhuman. Makes sex tender and sweet.

A link with the surrounding world, it allows us to feel the impressions and sensations that come to us.

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