Collar catches feathered dreams with purple labradorite and amethyst "Summertime"

Collar catches dreams with its beautiful purple labradorite, its amethyst and its beautiful colorful feathers

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Collar catches dreams, amethyst, purple labradorite totem parrot

General features:

This necklace is a unique creation made with a coconut ring, rooster feathers, spuron, parrot and parakeet, an amethyst, a purple labradorite surrounded by silver, a 925 silver parrot, a double suede cord and feathered charm

Length: about 60 cm

Labradorite Vertus

Physical plan: Soothes cold sensations, rheumatism, high blood pressure, gout, vision problems

Emotionally: This energy shield is particularly recommended for anyone who is easily affected by the mood of those around them. Labradorite protects against external negative influences while maintaining its own stability. A stone of sociability, it helps to open up to others and to form friendships

Intellectual Plan: Allows deep research to bring out forgotten memories or to clarify memories that have become blurred over time.

Spiritual plan: Brings a comprehensive and complete vision during metaphysical meditations. Helps to consider what is unfamiliar to us, different points of view from our own or experiences we have not made.

Amethyst Vertus

Intellectual plan: Helps to remain objective, emphasizes a sense of justice and honesty. Lets fight against our uncontrolled mechanisms and obsessive ideas. Excessively activates dreams until the mind is clarified, and then provides a much more restful sleep. Helps you have an intuitive understanding of things. Boosts imagination and creativity.

Spiritual plan: Wisdom, inner calm, humility, spiritual elevation, help with concentration and meditation. Increases sensory perceptions and intuition.

Totem parrot

As this bird can learn any language, its feathers symbolize communication and are known to facilitate translation as well as communication between humans (tribes). They are rather rare and coveted to adorn costumes during dances, ceremonies and rituals. The bright colors red, green, blue, yellow serve to recreate the rainbow which is a symbol of peace and prosperity mainly among the Lakota Sioux.

Intelligent, insightful, courageous and agile, macaws always look calm, but as a rule, nothing escapes their attention in their heavenly homeland.

When he manifests his presence, our vision and our spiritual perceptions increase, they gain in precision and finesse. As unusual or bizarre as it may be, we should believe in this vision. It's a time of increased creativity and spiritual deepening. People will seek advice from us and it is likely that we will discover an original formula to express our intuitions and offer our advice to others.

Macaws are birds with high sensitivity and according to several theories, their emotional development is equivalent to that of a two- or three-year-old child. They react to the emotional manifestations of their environment with a lot of personality. It is possible that our emotions distort our vision and perceptions, that we perceive only what we want to feel.

He also announced that it was time to address health problems that may be due to emotional factors. We all know that emotions influence physiological processes. For now, restoring emotional balance will also have a beneficial effect on physical health. It is essential to learn to control our emotions.

It can also reflect a certain need for color and sun in our lives. The use of colour for therapeutic purposes can be beneficial.

Do we see things as they are or everything in pink? Do we feel misunderstood? Do we lack emotional balance? Are our intuitions used to fuel gossip? For what purpose do we use our spiritual and supersensitive perceptions?

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