The Magical Spirit of Nature and Animals

Spiritual objects and jewels inspired by Native Shamanism and the World

Unique crafts in harmony with the Spirit of Nature and Animals

In our creations we want to share with you the medicines of nature, animals and the Earth.

Shamanic and Native American Tribal Spirituality

Spirituality is important to us and it is our way of life, a way to reach the Great Spirit: Wakan Tanka in Lakota.

This is what you will find in our creations: a medicine, allowing you to feel the path that brings you back to your origin,to the Great Spirit.

Natural, ethnic and recycled materials

We offer the most natural creations possible to learn more follow this link: The Ethics of Amazon Feathers

A wide range of unique creations

dreamcatcher, Mandella with leather paint, earrings, hair jewelry, bracelets and ankle bracelets, jumper, Mala, fumigating fan, earcuff, necklace, pendant, rings, medicine pouches, headband, incense, minerals.

You are the Amazon Feather Ambassador Models.

Take a picture of yourself with our jewelry and we will post your photos on our website and on social networks (with your consent).