The Feathers of Amazon, takes its name from an inspiration that Mely had, when she started making jewelry and catches dreams.

This is the beginning of the bond, of the awareness between us and the spirit world.

It was during a rite of the chanumpa (sacred pipe) that the Spirits gave us names

Mely is Little Swallow.

Mely, is the one who created Amazon's Feathers, as does everything else.

Creation, nature and animals have always been part of them.

You will never see her express herself too much.

Her expression is her creations, what she defends, what she loves, she is of a character like the ancient Amerindians, the greatest discussion is done in silence.

And there's Matéo to me: Wild Bear,

it was also the Spirits who called me that.

I support Mely in her business, I take care of the site, parcels and support.

I build the stand etc.....

You will now understand our logo,which is the symbol of our names given by the Spirits.