Jewelry woman

Bijoux femme ethnique de qualité les plumes d'amazone

Wellness Jewelry

My creations were born from my intuition and a desire to create a new line of ethnic jewelry, spiritual awakening, tribal and shamanic while being chic and contemporary.

The wellness jewels reflect the light of your shamanic soul, nature and the love that Grandmother Mother Earth Gaia brings to us according to what you call it.

Each of the creations is made with fine stones of quality as well as with quality and often rare feathers.

The ethics of Amazon feathers

At the time of the Native American tribes, the Bison had several uses: food, clothing, housing, cooking and hunting utensils etc.

This is one of the principles found in permaculture, each thing must have several uses and be integrated into the harmonious cycle of nature.

Thus on the same principles we do a maximum so that each element of my creations is part of the harmonious cycle of nature and permaculture.

For example, the majority of feathers come from natural moults of birds, so in another way rabbit furs come from meat farms in very small breeders.

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