The origin of thedream catch is just as old as can be the chanunpa (sacred pipe / peace pipe), transmitted by the spirits at the base, and then transmitted orally from generation to generation.

The dreamcatcher is a talisman passed on to The North Indians, which serves as both protection and spiritual medicine to heal the mental and emotional psyche, useful for your well-being and personal development.

Dream sensor

They are used in particular in the Lakota-Siuoux, Ojibwa/chippewa tribes from which they originate.

The spider's web is the canvas of the dream catcher

The web symbolizes the web of the spider in which dreams are trapped and then directed towards the center of the web.

Feathers connected to the element of the Aether

The dream once taken on the canvas, descends by the feathers and arrives at the dreamer.

The spider

Thedream catch contains the spiritual medicine of the spider (Iktomi in Lakota), a very powerful medicine according to the Lakota shamans.

It has the power to work on the entire sphere of the psyche, neurological and on the nervous system.

Craft dream catch

We create Indian dream catches, but they will instead be called Native American-inspired dream catchers, they are all unique and created in a shamanic and spiritual way.
We make wooden dream catches with natural feathers so that they are realized as the legend of catching dreams.

We create natural dream catches with lots of colors, just like what Mother Nature creates.

We place gemstones,symbol of life and light, ofAwakening, which accompanies the medicine ofcatching dreams.

So we have a great offer ofcolorful dream catch

We attach great importance tot the choices of natural minerals and feathers (oftenrares), which makes creation deep, spiritual, authentic, shamanic and harmonious.

Choosing a Dreamcatcher

Here you can find rêves Your original dream catcher, artisanal, spiritual and authentic.

To choose it, let you carry by your intuition and your heart.

Feel the call of a real dreamcatcher,carried by the spirits of nature and especially here by the medicine of the spider.
Every dream sensor is not specifically a nightmare catcher as can often be seen, but a medicine that works on the subconscious in the brain to get the mind in order.
For more information please contact us.

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